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We will give full play to the role of market mechanism to guide the healthy development of the rare earth industry
We need to take good steps, walk steadily, constantly improve and promote the development of the market.
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USES of rare earth polishing powder
In modern times, the production process of rare earth polishing powder has been basically finalized, and has been widely used in all walks of life.
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China polishing material industry market development status in 2019
At present, the polishing pad is mainly monopolized by dow chemical company, with a market share of about 90%.
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Green guard: a powerful way to clean up rare earth based catalysts
According to wang zhimin's calculation, there are about 850,000 m3 catalysts in operation in China during the 13th five-year plan period, and it is expected that the waste vanadium and titanium denitrification catalyst will be replaced annually from 2018 up to 300,000 m3.
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Seize new opportunities and build a new order to create a sound environment for the healthy development of the rare earth industry
On the other hand, the chapter should build up development consensus, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, lead enterprises to go abroad, create a broader international stage, and improve the international discourse and influence of China's rare earth industry.
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Technical requirements for grinding powder in grinding and polishing materials
Grinding powder particles have certain crystal shape, forming sharp edges and corners when broken, so as to improve polishing efficiency;
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