USES of rare earth polishing powder

Rare earth polishing powder is relatively rare in life, it is mainly used for polishing processing in industry, mainly used in electronic products and product manufacturing, with the increase of electronic products in recent years, the demand for rare earth polishing powder is also increasing. So what are its USES? Here's an introduction.

1, what is the rare earth polishing powder: polishing powder, polishing powder is usually composed of cerium oxide, alumina, silicon oxide, iron oxide, zirconia, chromium oxide and other components. Different materials have different hardness and different chemical properties in water, so the use occasions are different. Cerium oxide polishing powder is usually used for polishing glass and silica-containing materials, alumina polishing powder is used for polishing stainless steel, iron oxide can also be used for glass, but the speed is slow, often used for soft materials polishing. The polishing of stone material often USES oxidized tin, the polishing of ceramic tile often USES oxidized chromium.

2, rare earth polishing powder USES: used for polishing process of work piece, usually by cerium oxide polishing powder, alumina, silicon oxide, ferric oxide, zirconium oxide, chromium oxide components, in various optical devices, television kinescope glass, optical glass lens, oscilloscope tube, plate glass, semiconductor wafer polishing and metal products, etc. At the same time, it is also suitable for high speed polishing of optical lens, with better chemical and physical properties, so it has been widely used in industrial polishing.

In modern times, the production process of rare earth polishing powder has been basically finalized, and has been widely used in all walks of life. The above is a simple description of rare earth polishing powder and the introduction of its USES, I believe you will have a basic understanding of the product after reading.

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USES of rare earth polishing powder

In modern times, the production process of rare earth polishing powder has been basically finalized, and has been widely used in all walks of life.

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