How did abrasive belt develop

Emery cloth to develop, the opportunity is in 1959 to 10 anniversary of the founding of the people, then decided to manufacture 17 mig fighter shenyang dawn machinery and aviation industry 9 under the help of the Soviet union experts assumed jointly do this project, later in the process of manufacturing of aircraft engine, engine blade using grinding wheel was unable to complete the processing. Soviet experts suggested sand belts. In this case, zhengzhou two sand and three by the shoulder of the responsibility. As the Soviet union and domestic experts are unfamiliar with sand belt, so with the help of the state, found in the British embassy "modern coated abrasions" English book. This book opens the door for China to the world's most advanced coated abrasives. Through the study of this book, Chinese experts began to understand the sand belt, also began to trial production of sand belt. In 1960, China's first annular sand belt was born in Shanghai.

In 1973, the cultural revolution was coming to an end. The first ministry received an invitation letter from the industrial university of Brunswick, west Germany, stating that it would hold a seminar in Brunswick, west Germany and 33 other countries in 1973, focusing on the "development and application of abrasive material belt and CBN superhard material". This is the second opportunity for the development of China's sand belt, when the cultural revolution is about to pass, a turn with world vision that during the cultural revolution, the development of China's advanced technology in the blind, it is necessary to take this opportunity to understand the development of foreign advanced technology. Therefore, the development of Chinese seized the opportunity, then sent by the three grinding, sand and delegation, Shanghai machine tool plant of three parties together to send to Germany to participate in the senior technical seminars, in the meeting, China saw abroad high mechanization, automation and the comprehensive quality control system of abrasive belt production line and quality of abrasive belt products.

In 1978, China implemented the reform and opening up policy. In the first batch of major technology introduction projects of the central government, the first ministry of machinery listed "development and introduction of broadband production technology project" in the program, and pointed out that zhengzhou second sand was responsible for the implementation of the project. Second sand party committee and its leadership also attach great importance to this. All kinds of equipment introduced in the 1960s have fallen behind, but there are many problems to introduce new technology, such as the problem of money, for example, the introduction of wide belt project at that time has to face many uncertainties, such as the size of the belt market? Can we find nearly 100 kinds of raw materials for producing sand belt in China? How to absorb the advanced technology introduced in China? How many years will it take to pay off such a large investment? Among them still have a very sensitive problem is, after introducing success, whether does 2 sha open to brother factory? Do not open, outside criticism 2 arenaceous are conservative, open be equal to 2 arenaceous spend money to do for others marry dress!

The direction of sand belt development was decided at the last party committee expansion meeting in May 1978 to discuss the introduction of wide sand belt.

Now, the production of abrasive material belt has achieved mechanization, automation, in the sigh of the development of the sand belt, we can not forget the decision makers who took their own future as a stake for the cause of the sand belt

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