Let materials science make a better life

School of materials and science, China university of geosciences (wuhan) recently held the first material science exhibition. The theme of the event is "materials science makes a better life".

Students made use of the common wastes on the construction site, such as fly ash, mineral powder, silica fume and other raw materials, added pigments, cement and other additives, prepared slurry and solidified it in the mold, turning solid wastes into ornaments such as chess, dogs, sailing boats and so on. These ornaments combine the characteristics of high strength, low thermal conductivity and small particle density of polymer materials, which not only make them light in weight and heat insulation, but also promote the recovery and utilization of industrial solid waste and environmental protection.

In the exhibition of "magic cup with warm feeling", students poured hot water into the cup. The pattern on the outside of the cup changed slowly into ice water, and the pattern returned to its original color. According to understand, they adopted a kind of microcapsule material of organic reversible thermal discoloration, after preparation into paint coating on the mug, when the temperature change of the water in the cup, will lead to change color material physical and chemical structure changes, leading to the transformation of its spectral properties, thus in the macro reflect the color change.

In the scene of "romance, snow and moon", students dissolved polyacrylate sodium polymer composite material with water, which looks like snow, but will not disappear because of the temperature rise, allowing the audience to experience the pleasure of playing with snow in May. In addition, students will also make artificial snow flower mud, not only to avoid the trouble of fresh flowers for water, and can make the flowers get enough water, extend the flowering period.

The person in charge of the school said that materials are closely related to our life, and many materials and devices used in daily use have their scientific principles. The exhibition of materials science aims to inspire students to feel the charm of materials science from daily materials and daily life, and improve their innovation ability.

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